10 ideas to make new friends at the beach

10 ideas to make new friends at the beach

As they say, the beach is a place where doing absolutely nothing, is something. If you wish to seek out others to do nothing with, there are several surefire tactics to help you get acquainted with your fellow beach bums. Here are 10 of my favourite ways to make new friends at the beach.

1. Smile

Well, this one’s a bit of a no brainer. Flashing a warm, friendly smile is the easiest way to invite people to talk to you.

2. Feign ignorance

While this approach may sound somewhat deceptive, pretending to be lost might just help you find yourself in conversation with new people. Ask for advice about something even if you already have the answer: What’s the time? Where is a good place to eat? Where can I hire paddle boards? You’ll find out information that may actually come in handy to you while simultaneously appealing to one’s natural desire to help.

3. Find the best spot

If it is solitude you desire, go get you some. However if your mission is to find partners in crime for your beach day, head to where the crowds are and situate yourself strategically near a big group or other soloists looking for someone to duet with. You’ll make new friends in no time.

4. Speak up

Go up to someone and just say something. What’s really the worst that could happen? Strangers are just people who aren’t our friends yet- everyone loves friends right?

5. Game time

This is the ultimate way for your fun side to come out. Bring your own frisbee, football or volleyball and invite others to join, or ask to join in on someone else’s game. This way, your new friends get to see you at your most relaxed state and enjoying yourself. There are lots of beach activities that would look downright silly without multiple bodies including beach volleyball, boules and banana boating, just to name a few.

6. Bring music

Chances are there will be someone in the vicinity that will like what you’re playing. Alternatively, if anyone around you has a sound system, go up to them and request a song. There is little pressure with this move, as your motives will appear to be solely entertainment based. If you do however happen to strike up a conversation about the music, everyone’s a winner.

7. Take a walk solo

If you’re out with friends, go for a solitary walk up and down the beach to check out the view while they’re catching rays. You might appear a tad more approachable when disconnected from your group of friends.

8. Offer assistance

Spotting someone who’s forgotten the selfie stick at home might just be your opportune moment to get involved.

9. Share

Bring some extra fruits, drinks, ice-cream etc with you, offer some to the people closest to you and consider the ice broken.

10. Be open

Your vibe attracts your tribe. Enough said.


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  1. These are awesome tips, but you forgot yoga. Whenever I get my yoga mat out, someone more than likely almost always comes to talk to me 🙂

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