10 tips to sleep better on planes

10 tips to sleep better on planes

Getting that extra bit of slumber in-flight can mean you’re refreshed and ready to go once you touch down and have more vigour and energy to instantly apply to your adventure/ holiday/ discovery. Here are 5 tips to help you sleep better on planes and enjoy your time in the air.

1. As far as possible, reserve your seat in advance and avoid the traditionally noisy parts of the plane.

2. Steer clear of caffeine before you fly and make sure you don’t snooze or lie in on the day of your flight, so you’re sufficiently sleepy.

3. Wear free-flowing, loose fitting clothing for optimum comfort.

4. Adjust your seat into the most comfortable position right after take-off and pad out the most uncomfortable parts of your seat with cushions, pillows or even a scarf.

5. Place your seatbelt over your blanket so the cabin crew don’t have to wake you to check on it while you’re mid-nap.

6. Grab a window seat if you can. I find it so much easier to fall asleep while resting my head on the window than any of those neck pillows. Registering with an airline’s miles program increases your chances of getting a seat by the window as your preference will be pre-registered.

7. Stick with your usual sleep routine. Changing into comfy pyjama-like clothes, brushing your teeth or whatever you do back home might just trick your brain that it’s sleeping time.

8. Try a sleeping mask; airlines don’t provide them for nothing.

9. Use the power of scent. Dab yourself with essential oils or hand creams with chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and lavender which have sleep-inducing properties. The calming effect of such scents is a also bonus if you’re a nervous flyer.

10. Don’t worry too much about not being able to sleep. Overthinking and worry and the prime sponsors of sleepless nights – wherever you are. Enjoy the flight!

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