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26 interesting facts about Panama

The A – Z of Panama

People often ask why I am so particularly enamoured of Panama. I’ll cite the weather, the music, the rhythm or the beaches. “Those things exist in lots of places in Latin America”, they’ll retort. True […]
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Club Elsewhere - The World's Travel Diary edited by Rosie Bell - A guest post by Lara Olivia Miss Portmanteau - Sri Lanka Two Week Itinerary

Sri Lanka two week itinerary

Until recently Sri Lanka was not really on my radar, which now feels like a major oversight. The island is incredible. Pristine beaches, waterfalls, tea plantation highlands, ancient and colonial cities, temples, wildlife, safari… Sri Lanka needs to […]
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Elephants Sri Lanka -rajiv-perera-unsplash

48 great hours in Sri Lanka

I recently spent two weeks in India with my husband and his two colleagues. Since we were staying in Chennai, about an hour’s flight from Sri Lanka, we figured we absolutely must go that weekend. I […]