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Elephants Sri Lanka -rajiv-perera-unsplash

48 great hours in Sri Lanka

I recently spent two weeks in India with my husband and his two colleagues. Since we were staying in Chennai, about an hour’s flight from Sri Lanka, we figured we absolutely must go that weekend. I […]
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SUNDAY LUNCH AT HERODION HOTEL, ATHENS - Club Elsewhere - The World's Travel Diary edited by Rosie Bell - A guest post by Lara Olivia Miss Portmanteau

Sunday lunch at Herodion Hotel Athens

The Herodion Hotel sits right at the foot of the Acropolis. It has two award-winning restaurants run by the same kitchen: the popular summer rooftop bar and restaurant Point A and the ground-floor restaurant Atrium, which is open year-round. You […]
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Panama beaches - Angel Silva on Unsplash

10 stunning beaches in Panama

You’re moving where? Panama? Where is that? Do they have electricity? Will you be kidnapped by pirates? Is there anything else besides the canal? These were all real questions thrown my way when I proudly […]