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Club Elsewhere - Global stories for borderless minds. Travel love stories by Sandrine Champagne

Should you travel for love?

Sun, sea and… love? Who hasn’t heard one of those tremendous travel love stories under the warmth of foreign sun? Of that vivid temporal passion that forges unforgettable memories that last longer than they did […]
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Club Elsewhere Travel Magazine edited by Rosie Bell - 32 Unique places to swim around the world - Infinity-pools-luxury travel-natural-pools

32 unique places to go dipping

Writing about travel means that I’m constantly bombarded with devastatingly gorgeous destinations. Places which break my heart because I can’t visit them all at once, and places that most probably would break the bank account. […]
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How to choose wine - Club Elsewhere - Stories for and by the world -Edited by Rosie Bell - A guest post by Lara Olivia Miss Portmanteau

How to choose wine

Gone are the days of “second up from the top” or bottom of the menu, depending on your budget. While there remains a lot of mysticism about wine – and rightfully so, it takes opening […]