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Club Elsewhere is an online travel magazine for story-led global travel guides. Our magazine is a place for the world’s venturers vent, and wanderers to wonder.

Have you always wanted to bring out your inner travel writer? Do you have a story you feel compelled to tell? We have the ears and the eyes waiting to be touched by it.

You don’t have to be a professional storyteller to contribute, travel is the only rule of the club. You don’t have to be travelling right now either; you can tap into the corners of your mind where your travel tales are stored.

We do not take credit for your story. Your article will be published in your name with a full-bio that you provide for us as well as links to your own websites or any projects you’d like to bring attention to. You may of course, also publish your story anonymously.

We meticulously curate our content and we ask that the stories you compose are inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining (a little humour never hurt anyone right?). Topic areas we are currently interested in include:

  1. The weird and wacky of travel
  2. Travel romances
  3. Reverse culture shock
  4. What it feels like to travel alone
  5. Unusual experiences while abroad
  6. Digital Nomadism and the reality of working remotely
  7. Travel writing tips
  8. Third culture kids
  9. Africa travel guides and insights
  10. Transformation and human connection stories
  11. Identity and gender
  12. Little-known cultural traditions

Submission Guide

  1. We are looking for stories that are honest and invite the reader to get lost in the narrative. Would you like to read this story?
  2. You may use a pseudonym or pen name if you so desire.
  3. Our preference is for articles that are under 2000 words.
  4. Please spell check your writing once, twice and thrice for good measure. Then spell check again.
  5. Your submission will be reviewed by our team. If we love your story and wish to publish it, you’ll be contacted and asked for any accompanying images to go alongside your story.
  6. We reserve the right to edit your article to merge with the tone and feel of our site, improve SEO, include relevant links or update imagery to better the reader experience.
  7. We do not offer remuneration for articles posted on Club Elsewhere, nor do we publish destination, product or experiential reviews for brands you are collaborating with. All brands, tourism boards and destinations that wish to work with Club Elsewhere may email the editor directly. 
  8. Club Elsewhere is not responsible for reproduction of content from our site without our permission.
  9. By submitting your article you are deemed in acceptance of our terms.
  10. We publish a new story every Monday; perhaps next week’s will be yours.
  11. We look forward to reading all submissions and would like to thank you for being a part of the club.


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