Club Elsewhere is a portal for adventures in life design. Our articles, guide books and booking platform help people design where and how they spend their time and generally engage with life.

Who Reads Club Elsewhere?

Our readers are experience-conscious wonderers and wanderers with a keen interest in life design and firm believers in personal development. They are borderless minds, and travel is one of their greatest tools for life-enrichment.

Our Editorial Slant

Our four pillars are destination guides, life design, inspiration and tips, and reviews of travel and life design products, services and tools.

Club Elsewhere - 21 things to do in lima Peru by Joey Bonura from Lima Insider
Destination Guides

In-depth destination reviews, city guides, itineraries and trip planner features and pocket guides. We are particularly interested in Africa and Asia destinations pieces.

Life Design

Career construction, digital nomadism and the reality of working remotely, coworking and co-living, personal development, work-life balance, remote jobs, leisure activities, books, apps, group work and travel programs, health and wellness, life-enriching adventures.

Huacachina oasis peru
Inspiration & Tips

Personal essays and opinion pieces, travel stories, wanderlust sparking ideas, little-known cultural traditions, language, food and local customs, "how-to" guides, bucket lists, affordable travel, solo travel, advice articles, multi-destination round ups.

digital nomad hotspots - canggu, bali

Reviews of life design and travel tools, apps, products and hospitality businesses including retreats, workshops, eateries, hotels and airlines.

Our Series and Tentpole Features

  • Life design with… (Interviews with prominent voices; curated in-house but please feel free to reach out if you think you’d be a good fit)
  • 48 great hours in
  • The first-timer’s guide to…
  • The digital nomad's guide to...
  • The foodie's guide to X: What and where to drink in…
  • The thirsty guide to X: Places to drink in…
  • X 101: 21 things to see, do, eat and lust after in…
  • 7 ravishing rooftops in...
  • 7 free things to do in...
  • 7 of the best...
  • 7 ways to get the best out of… (Indeed, we're rather fond of the number 7)

What We’re Looking For

We meticulously curate our content and ask that the stories you compose are inspiring, informative and entertaining. 

We don’t turn our nose up at lists. They may contain crucial ideas that whisk our readers off to new places and empower them through information. All lives matter too. Being a tourist is equally as important as being a traveller.

What We Don’t Publish

We have no interest in detractor stories: “the worst countries for women to travel”, “the most dangerous places in the world” or "these restaurants will certainly give you food poisoning".

Who Can Contribute?

While we welcome guest posts from bloggers and professional writers, we also believe that everyone has knowledge to impart so you don’t have to be a pro storyteller to contribute.

We don’t take credit for your articles either. All guest posts are submitted on a contribution basis and your post will be published in your name with a full-bio that you provide for us as well as those crucial backlinks to your website or any projects you’d like to bring attention to. You may of course, also publish your story anonymously.

Join the club and share the snippets of wisdom only you have with our readers. We have the ears and the eyes waiting to be touched by your words.

Submission Guide and Terms

  • All guest posts and articles are submitted on a contribution basis and there will be no remuneration offered. The main benefits of submitting a guest post to our site are exposure to thousands of unique users and establishing thought leadership. As such, you are free to submit previously published articles (canonical links will be added to limit any negative impact to SEO).
  • We are looking for pieces that inspire, inform and delight our readers. Would you like to read this story?
  • You may use a pseudonym or pen name if you so desire.
  • Please spell-check your writing once, twice and thrice for good measure. Then spell check again.
  • Beautiful visuals to accompany your story will always go a long way.
  • Please include hyperlinks within your text.
  • Your submission will be reviewed by our team. If we love your story and wish to publish it, you will be contacted in due course.
  • We reserve the right to edit your article to merge with the tone and feel of our site and to improve readability.
  • Affiliate links may be added to your articles after you submit them for publishing on
  • You are free to submit content resulting from familiarisation, press trips or brands you have collaborated with.
  • By consenting to have your article published on Club Elsewhere, you are in agreement that they may be shared on unlimited social networks for promotional purposes and may occasionally be licensed by third parties.
  • Club Elsewhere is not responsible for the reproduction of content from our site without our permission.
  • Each post will sign off with your bio and credits i.e. “This article was written by Joey Bonura and originally appeared on Follow his adventures on InstagramClub Elsewhere is a portal for adventures in life design. Work with us here”.

Submission Form

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