Which destinations did female travellers love in 2018?

Which destinations did female travellers love in 2018?

In 2018, Indonesia had more visitors than the entire combined population of Luxembourg, Estonia and Belize. The Archipelagic state retained a peak position on travellers’ must-see lists with good reason. I’d been living in Central America where I decamped to write my book, Escape to Self, for some time (and happily so), but Bali remained stubbornly at the back of my mind and at the top of my bucket list. This year I finally made it happen. While safety considerations are a major pull, female travellers conglomerate in places they can find community as well as adventure and thrill. I wanted to know the places female travellers were praying to go to, eating at and loving in 2018 so I asked 19 of them. Here’s where women’s passports were getting stamped this year.


My favourite destination of 2018? Georgia wins hands down. It had everything that makes my soul yearn to explore: mountains, tons of unbeaten paths through interesting cities and untouched valleys, tasty food – all for incredible prices.

– Jo from You Choose the Way


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For my first ever solo trip I backpacked through Indonesia. I spent 3 weeks discovering this breathtakingly beautiful country, but discovering myself as well. I was treated to the most stunning scenery and got to know some very inspiring people. These people who probably without even knowing it, have changed my life enormously.

– Lara Sosanwo of Her backpack Bliss


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I’d heard so much about Bali before making it there myself – too much perhaps. I expected it to be a bit over-hyped and too cool for school. While Bali (Canggu in particular) does have its fair share of achingly hip surfers and surfettes, there’s definitely a magnet of sorts that draws in those in search of tranquillity, spiritual cleansing, parties, yoga, community, beautiful beaches and wild adventures time and time again.

– Rosie Bell, content editor at Club Elsewhere


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Cape Verde

In Cape Verde each island is different: hiking lovers as beach enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice. It’s my favourite beach AND hiking destination.

– Paulina of Paulina on the Road


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The most wonderful and intriguing destination I visited in 2018 was India. I love it because it can truly capture your senses and take away your breath, all at once. I especially fell in love with the colours of India, the welcoming people, the delicious food and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. India is transformative, in a very special kind of way.

– Olga Maria of Dreams in Heels


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It wasn’t about the richness of the culture, even though it’s the most mind-blowing culture I’ve ever experienced. It wasn’t about the amazing, hearty food, even though it’s made me a foodie. It wasn’t about the sights and sounds, even though there’s a constant stream of inspiration that has supercharged my creativity as a writer and my life artist. It’s that I was constantly surrounded every second of every day by people who believe that there’s more to life than financial success and conventional ambitions. People who find richness in their families, their heritage, and their belief systems. India isn’t simply another travel destination, it’s a game changer.

– Nadja from Eastern Heart Western Mind


Penang, Malaysia

I absolutely fell in love with George Town in Penang, Malaysia. Cute coffee shops, great shopping, friendly bartenders…what else could you ask for?

– Megan Okonsky from Beat Broke Backpacking


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Two days trekking in the Doi Inthanon National Park in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand was one the best trekking experience I’ve had so far. A local tour guide took us hiking through the jungle, showed us all the tricks you need to know when you live out there and also prepared a beautiful lunch for us right by a waterfall. Two days pretty much without any internet and just enjoying nature was just what I needed.

– Christina Spoerer at ChristinaSpoerer.de


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Temperatures are pleasantly cool all year round and I love the Chiang Mai‘s vibrant yet low-key setting. It’s the cultural heartland of Thailand and the scenery here includes the rich natural beauty and temples all over the place. Additionally, Northern Thais are also loving, warm and welcoming. For me, this makes all the difference and feels like “home” is written all over travelling experiences here.

– Kristina Anderson of Stiviwonders.com


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Picos de Europa, Spain

North of Spain’s Picos de Europa and the nearby beaches were my favourite destination this year. The scenery is mysterious and wild and it’s super green. I got a totally different vibe from the Spain that most travellers know which is mostly the South and the cities (I’ve lived there for some time). I’m convinced that its popularity will increase in the years to come.

– Yana Pannecoucke of Ecoscapes


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Visiting the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala felt like the experience of a lifetime. Guatemala is absolutely different from any other Latin country and its beauty is amazing, especially the volcanos. Hiking up Acatenando took eight hours and going down was about five. Watching the sunrise from 13 thousand feet high felt like being on an aeroplane without the plane part. I also had the opportunity to camp on the top admiring and listening to the eruption from the fire volcano some feet across me. What a great trip.

– Livia Neves


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Bansko, Bulgaria

I found Bansko through a Google search for the most spiritual places in the world; I have now returned seven times in the last four years. It’s the beautiful untouched nature, cheap living and friendly people that keep me coming back.

– Minne Marlo of Compass to Connection


Antarctica is completely otherworldly and filled with the most amazing wildlife from seals and penguins to whales. It’s a unique and isolated place that not many people get to visit.

– Shaleen Somji of Whereswindji.com


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I absolutely loved Peru. The culture, history, the people, and the landscapes completely fascinated me. I’m already planning a trip back to see more of this beautiful country.

– Danielle Maxey of Atlas Calling


Kas in Turkey stole my heart this year. I went in knowing very little and was blown away by the scuba diving, beautiful beaches, and intense connections I made in the little time I spent there.

– Dara Herr at Walk Herr Earth


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Turkey was definitely my favourite destination this year. I visited Istanbul and Cappadocia and it was an absolutely incredible experience. The most unforgettable moment was a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia at sunrise – probably the single most magical experience of my life.

– Asha at Life by Asha Singh


Omaha, Nebraska

I loved visiting Omaha because I was there long term for an internship so I got to explore on my own terms and experience what it was like to travel and work at the same time. It was one of the first experiences where I thought to myself, “wow, I would really love to travel and work full time.”

– Josie Mumm at The Roaming Freelancer


Stunning mountain hikes between tiny villages in the Alps, an entire coastline of uncrowded beaches with the clearest blue water, a trendy capital for food and history and sticking out your thumb to get anywhere you want to go. What’s not to love?

– Danielle Elizabeth Owen at Owen the Globe


Seville, Spain

Why? Besides being one of the most stunning cities I’ve ever visited, I found the love of my life here.

– Elena of Holistic Wanderer


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South Africa

I visited Addo Elephant Park and of course, Kruger National Park and was lucky to spot a black-backed jackal lounging about in the distance as well as making friends with meerkats, zebras, giraffes and rhinos. Then I sat on top of the world at Table Mountain. The hike up took us all by surprise. Of course, we also chose the hottest possible day to clamber up to the more than 1,000-meter high summit. What the interwebz promised to be an “easy, 2-hour route” turned into a gruelling 4.5 hours of agony and almost broke me. But you know what? The ordeal made reaching the top, looking down at the city and realizing how far we’d come that much sweeter.

– Pia Newman of Mindful Nomad Hacks & Writer at P. S. Newman


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Happy New Year from Club Elsewhere and happy travels in 2019. Where will you go?

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