New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep

New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep

The New Year is a great time for reflection and hope, a period where we begin to think of ways we can make ours, and the lives of others better. A mildly controversial pastime in the west, many of us have complicated relationships with New Year’s Resolutions. They’re hard to keep up with and for some reason, these dedications are best commenced in January. My overarching personal ideology is to add enrichment and enjoy my life, every single day and not just the first two weeks of the first month. This is the premise behind my first book, 365 Ideas to Enjoy Your Life Today. As my New Year’s gift to you, here are 20 excerpts from the book to get your year started on the right foot.

1. Play more games: outdoor games, sporting games, board games. Any games except mind games.

2. Maintain a healthy relationship with your inner child. Play should be seamlessly included in everything we do throughout our lifetime. When we stop playing, we grow old in our minds. Nourish your imagination. Don’t let the world eradicate it.

3. Be as silly as you want to be.

4. Let other people be as silly as they want to be.

5. Think yourself into being happy, not out of it.

6. Don’t view a few drops of rain as a flood. No matter how bad it is; it’s not the end of the world.

7. Find more positive uses for your imagination. Worrying is a waste of your creative potential. Holding a grudge is letting someone live in your head rent-free.

8. As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late. Octogenarians go on skydives and 9-year olds write symphonies. There is no hard and fast timeline for your life. It’s absolutely never too late.

9. Try to go one full day without complaining or saying, “I cannot”, “I dislike” and “I hate”.

10. Don’t be scared to ask for help. Being scared of asking for assistance means you’re missing out on experiencing the kindness of others. There is no emotion you feel, which has not been felt by someone else. Reach out to someone when you need a helping hand.

11. Tune your instruments to get the best sound out of your life music, whatever your preferred instruments are: yoga, meditation, running, faith, pottery, baking or spending time with friends.

12. Dance like nobody’s looking. No one can take away the dances you’ve already had.

13. Know that you are what you choose to become, not the product of what has happened to you in the past. Don’t let previous roads walked ruin your new path.

14. Accept your body.

15. Learn to relax.

16. The sun comes out to play every day. Make an effort to play with her whenever she rears her sweet head.

17. Keep a laughter diary of all the things that have made you laugh recently. Anything at all that put a smile on your face.

18. Write down your deepest desires. Without any real desires, you could be living anybody’s life. Don’t be scared to articulate what you really want.

19. Go where you feel most alive.

20. Daydream. Shut your eyes and visualise your happy place or your paradise. How magical it is that we can be in two places at once.

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Rosie Bell is an international travel writer, author of the book “Escape To Self”, and Content Editor for Club Elsewhere. Follow her on Instagram @TheBeachBell.

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