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Club Elsewhere Travel Mag - Diablicos Rojos - Rosie Bell Travel Writer - Panama carnival

A devil of a time: Carnival Panamanian style

Thought Carnival was only for the Brazilians? Every February Panama comes alive for this 4-day celebration that’s deeply entrenched in the country’s culture. Nation-wide, there are street parties, parades, fireworks and ‘mojaderas’ – water balloons, buckets […]
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26 interesting facts about Panama

The A – Z of Panama

People often ask why I am so particularly enamoured of Panama. I’ll cite the weather, the music, the rhythm or the beaches. “Those things exist in lots of places in Latin America”, they’ll retort. True […]
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Panama beaches - Angel Silva on Unsplash

10 stunning beaches in Panama

You’re moving where? Panama? Where is that? Do they have electricity? Will you be kidnapped by pirates? Is there anything else besides the canal? These were all real questions thrown my way when I proudly […]