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Club Elsewhere publishes travel and lifestyle design guides.

Our mission

Club Elsewhere’s mission is to help people find their place in the world. We create products that enable individuals to design their life experiences: how and where they live, have fun, work, think, learn, feel energised and generally engage with life.

Who reads Club Elsewhere?

Our readers are borderless minds, wonderers and wanderers. They have a keen interest in lifestyle design and consume stories, guides, technology and tools that help them curate their own life experiences. Through our products (articles, guidebooks and an upcoming booking platform), we help them do just that.


Club Elsewhere is where travel and life design meet, so rather than focusing on trends and news, we provide actionable ideas that entertain, inform and inspire. The four pillars of our magazine are destinations, travel guides, getaways and lifestyle design.

The articles we publish include in-depth destination reviews, itineraries and trip planner features, hotel stories, group travel and retreats, “how to” approaches, thematic roundups, inspirational interviews and travel opinion pieces.


The Club Elsewhere experience is currently being translated into a series of city guides. Our digital travel guides will offer readers discovery with an edge: where to take a new date, how to fit in with the locals, solo travel friendly spots, the weird and wacky, hidden secrets, history as told by a local, where to cowork, do absolutely nothing, and much more. Our brand’s guidebooks help travellers design their time, minds and activities as well as location.

Watch out for us in Honolulu, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Panama City, Panama. There’ll be something to discover even in places you know like the back of your hand. For inclusion in our guidebooks, get in touch to let us know about your business.

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We welcome guest posts from writers and budding Hemingways looking to impart the snippets of wisdom only they have with our readers. Join our pool of talented contributors here. 


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